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On The Road holds a special place for me.” — Kristen Stewart (x)

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Reppin Boston today cause like a re re I forgot to pack a jacket… And I was freezing. So… An airport purchase was made. ;)





Kevin and Danielle’s wedding day
↳ December 19th 2009

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The people of Mexico were lined up along the streets to see the Pope. This little guy thought otherwise.

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  • band member: hi how are you?
  • me: hey so we finally meet i've been waiting for this moment forever and ever do you feel the love in the air? because i do we're totally meant to be i knew it from the first time i laid my eyes on you i was thinking for our wedding we go to paris and get married when the sun is setting we should have five beautiful children don't worry i already have their names picked out lol and when we send them off to college we can buy ourselves a nice beach house and we can grow old together and own a couple of bunnies because i know you're allergic to cats and you're afraid of dogs and we can sit on rocking chairs and drink lemonade together.
  • band member: what?
  • me: i said can you sign my cd please.
  • band member: no i think you said-
  • me: cd.
  • band member: but-
  • me: please.
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